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The Paper Tiger is a New Zealand designed 4.3 metre racing catamaran with a strong following in New Zealand and Australia. The class is competitive on the water and inclusive and supportive off the water with knowledge on gear and boat setups openly shared allowing sailors to get the best from their boats. Fifty boats regularly compete at Nationals with sailors competing in experience and age groups.

The New Zealand Paper Tiger Owners Association (NZPTOA) is the NZ National Association for Paper Tigers and is affiliated to Yachting New Zealand and the Paper Tiger Catamaran International Association (PTCIA). NZPTOA co-ordinates regattas for its members throughout the year including a North and South Island traveller series. The peak event is the National Championships, usually held in early January.

This website provides sailors a with a range of news and information on what is happening during the year, and records the history of our class and competition. We are keen to expand the information available and provide members with easy access to this as well as links to other sites and sources of sailing news. You can help by sending us your favourite yachting related links, PT photos, and news. We welcome submission of photos, stories and reports on boat building, gear modifications and rigs, club fleets, and PT racing and sailing of all kinds. ​​​​​​​